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lrg2017-02-15 ߣKimmy ԴڣZWվ


601. I appreciate John's helping in time. Ҹxsļr

651. Don't be uneasy about the consequence.؞n]

602. I bought it the day it was released. lеĮҾI

652. Even a child can answer this question.ʹСܻش@}

603. I doubted whether the story is true. ґǹDz

653. He has many strange ideas in his mind. XM˼

604. I learnt that I had passed the test. ҫ@ϤҜy򞼰

654. He is commonly supposed to be foolish.ǹJɵ

605. I will seek from my doctor's advice. ҌՈtҊ

655. He sat with his arms across the chest. *ǰ

606. Ice cream is popular among children. ܺӂĚgӭ

656. He set up a fine example to all of us. ҂һð

607. I'd like to get this film developed. Ҫ_ϴ@z

657. His cake is four times as big as mine. ĵҵı

608. In a word,I am tired of everything. ֮Ҍһж܅

658. I do not care whether it rains or not. Ҳ

609. Let us do it by ourselves,will you? ҂Լ@Ԇ?

659. I have a lot in common with my sister. Һҽк֮ܶͬ̎

610. May I know the quantity you require? ՈゃҪٔ؛?

660. I haven't even touched your tooth yet. ߀]X

611. Nobody has ever solved this problem. ]Q^@}

661. I'm looking forward to a prompt reply.Ѹٴ

612. Our school covers 100 square meters. ҂WУռeƽ

662. It is an excellent novel in every way. oՓķ@һСf

613. People enjoyed the stamps very much. ˂dzϲ@Щ]Ʊ

663. It is clear that the cat has eaten it!@؈͵Ե!

614. The editor over looked a print error. @λ݋©һӡˢe`

664. Nothing but death can part the couple.֮ʲôҲɢ@һ

615. The sudden barking frightened Clara. ͻȻŕ˿

665. Now she looks pale as if she were ill.FĘɫyһ

616. The teams are coming onto the field. ꠆TM

666. She was injured badly in the accident.@ܵ؂

617. There is a mark of ink on his shirt. rһKīE

667. The secret was spread among the crowd.ȺЂ_

618. There isn't any water in the bottle. ƿһcˮҲ]

668. The two brothers look very much alike. @ֵ܂zȥ

619. This joke has gone a little too far. @Ц_c-^

669. Their interest is listening to others. dȤ efԒ

620. We arrived in London this afternoon ҂ǽ絽_ص

670. There was a notice in the supermarket. һ

621. We can't go out because of the rain. ҂ܳȥ

671. This one cannot compare with that one. @cǂo^

622. We should make good use of our time. ҂ԓ҂ĕrg

672. To know everything is to know nothing. ӘͨӘ

623. We should save unnecessary expenses.҂ʡҪ_֧

673. To tell the truth, I don't like disco. fԒҲϲg˹

624. You may have heard of Birth Control.ゃҲS f^˿ڳĴʩ

674. True and False have opposite meanings. cٺxȫ෴

625. After a pause he continued his story.ͣDһ֮^mf

675. What's the point of going to college? ϴWк?

626. As you know, I am a very kind person. ֪ǂܺƵ

676. Where can we make the insurance claim? ҂Ur?@ocǂ^

627. He dare not tell us his evil conduct.ҸV҂Đ

677. Why don't I pick you up at your house? ʲô׌ȥ?

628. I can express myself in good English. ҿúܺõӢZ_Լ^c

678. Why don't you attend an aerobic class? ʲôȥһ?

629. I'll furnish my house with furniture. ҪҵķkҾ

679. You can kill two birds with one stone.һeɵ

631. It's the hottest day I've had so far. @ֹҽvһ

680. You can't go in no matter who you are. lMȥ

632. Mr. Smith is in charge of this class. ʷ˹ώؓ؟ԓ

681. You should learn these words by heart. 㑪ԓ@Щ~

633. Mr. Smith taught English at a school. ʷ˹һWУӢZ

682. Could I have those two tickets, please?@ɏƱoв?

634. None of us is afraid of difficulties.҂Л]һ˺y

683. He has to take care of his sick mother. ĸH

635. Our school is in the east of Beijing. ҂WУڱĖ|

684. He hired a workman to repair the fence.һ

636. She really wishes her clock had rung. ϣ[

685. I can't make this machine run properly.ҟoʹ@C\D

637. She teaches foreign students Chinese. WhZ

686. I don't know if I'll have the patience.Ҳ֪Л]

638. The question will be settled tonight. @}ڽQ

687. I don't like what you are saying.ҲϲgfԒ

639. The weight is too much for my height. ҵ߁fw̫!

688. I fell in love with her at first sight.ҵһҊ͐

640. There are mice in Mrs. Lee's kitchen! ̫̫ďN!

689. I have just heard from my sister, Mary.҄յìһ

641. There is no one but hopes to be rich. ]˲lؔ

690. If you would only try, you could do it.ֻҪχLԇһ@

642. There'll be some sport reviews on TV. ҕϕһЩwuՓ

691. It is no use learning without thinking.W˼t

643. This company is our regular customer. @ҹ˾҂Ͽ͑

692. It was a lazy, breezy autumn afternoon.@һɢL

644. This is a good example of his poetry. @Ԋһ

693. Jack is the strongest boy in the class.ܿȫѵк

645. What we read influences our thinking. ҂xĕӰ҂˼

694. Please fetch a chair from another room.Ոeķgȡһ

646. Words can't express what I felt then. oZҮrĸ

695. The doctor began to operate on the boy.t_ʼoǂкg

647. You really have an ear for pop music. _p

696. The doctor is taking my blood pressure.toѪ

648. A bad workman quarrels with his tools.ˇĹ˿DZԹ߲ʹ

697. The machines will not operate properly.ЩC\D

649. Can you adapt yourself to the new job? mµĹ?

698. The students declared against cheating.Wʾ

650. Does the computer ever make a mistake.? ӋCe?

699. There is hope so long as he is with us. ֻҪھϣ

601. I appreciate John's helping in time. Ҹxsļr

700. He talks as if he were the head of the office.fԒĿښkƵ






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