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lrg2017-02-15 ߣKimmy ԴڣZWվ


501. You d better look before you leap. ˼

551. I d like to look at some sweaters. 뿴ë

502. You know what I m talking about. ֪fʲô

552. Its origin is still a mystery now. Դǂi

503. He has been sick for three weeks. ѽˎ

553. Money is no more than our servant. X^҂

504. He inspected the car for defects. Ԕz܇ПoЧ

554. Once you beginyou must continue. һ_ʼ͵^m

505. I count you as one of my friends Ұҵһ

555. She is poor but quite respectable. mFƷsܶ

506. I go to school by bike every day. ÿT܇όW

556. She spent a lot of money on books. ˺ܶXI

507. I have a large collection of CDs. ռ˺ܶ೪Ƭ

557. The girl in red is his girlfriend. t·ǂŮŮ

508. I won t be able to see him today. Ҳȥ

558. There is a chair below the window. һ

509. I ll call a taxi in case of need. ҪԒҕг܇

559. They employed him as a consultant. 

510. Is there any sugar in the bottle? ƿ߀dž?

560. To be honest with youIm twenty. όf20q

511. Its a secret between you and me. @֮g

561. We often call him by his nickname. ҂ľb̖

512. Its very kind of you to help me. ̫

562. Will you be free tomorrow evening? пՆ?

513. Let s divide the cake into three. ҂ֳݰ

563. Would you like to leave a message? ҪԒ?

514. Patience is a mark of confidence. ĵһNF

564. You can never turn the clock back. rⲻܵ

515. Susan is going to finish college. KɺɴWWI

565. You may as well tell me the truth. ߀ǰŒVҞ

516. That is my idea about friendship. @PxĿ

566. Are your grandparents still living? 游ĸ߀ô?

517. The book you ask for is sold out. ҪDZѽ

567. Can you recognize that womanMary? JǂŮlˆ?

518. The boy was too nervous to speak. кofԒ

568. Do you have any suggestions for me? ㌦ʲôhô?

519. The play may begin at any moment. Srп_ʼ

569. He is toughbut I am even tougher. һӲh^ҪӲ

520. The salve will heal slight burns. @Nˎίp΢

570. He made his way through the forest. O^ɭ

521. The sea sparkled in the sunlight. ꖹ󺣲

571. He suggests you leave here at once. hx_@

522. The teacher tested us in English. ώӢĿ҂

572. He was married to a friend of mine. ҵһѽY˻

523. There is a bridge over the river. һ

573. He will blame you for carelessness. ؟ĴĴ

524. They rode their respective bikes. TԼ܇

574. I can give you a number of excuses. ҿԽofܶ

525. They will arrive in half an hour. ڰСr֮ȵ_

575. I don t doubt that he will help me. ҲԮ

526. Time is more valuable than money. rgȽXF

576. I hope you enjoy your stay with us. ϣ@^

527. We are all in favor of this plan. ҂ٝͬ@Ӌ

577. I d like to-repair our differences. Ըһ҂֮gķ

528. We reached London this afternoon. ҂ǽ絽_ص

578. Its nothing to be surprised about. @²ֵô@С

529. We two finished a bottle of wine. ҂zһƿ

579. Its rude to stare at other people. e˿DzYò

530. what a lovely little girl she is! һôɐ۵СŮҮ!

580. Bob has always had a crush on Lucy. Uһֱڐ¶

531. Will you pick me up at my place? ܵҵס̎҆?

581. Let s take a short break for lunch. ׌҂Ϣһȥ

532. You may choose whatever you like. ϲgʲôxʲô

582. Linda speaks as if she were a boss. _fԒϰ

533. You re suffering from an allergy? ^?

583. She became more and more beautiful. ׃ԽԽƯ

534. Beyond all questions you are right. oɆnj

584. Suppose it rainswhat shall we do? fһ҂ԓôk?

535. But I plan to weed the yard today. ӋԺIJ

585. The book is protected by copyright. ԓܰౣo

536. But who will do all the house work? @Щ҄ջl?

586. The ice is hard enough to skate on. ѽÿԄ

537. Close the door after youplease. ՈSPT

587. The price includes postage charges. r]Yڃ

538. Come to see me whenever you like SrҊ

588. This is a little something for you. @ҽoゃһc

539. Dont pull the chairs aboutboys! Ҫρȥӂ!

589. What he likes best is making jokes. ϲg_Ц

540. He drives more carefully than you. _܇С

590. Who but Jack would do such a thing? ˽ܿl@N?

541. He invited me to dinner yesterday. Ոҳ

591. You should have a mind of your own. ԼҊ

542. He struck his attacker on the ear. ǂһ

592. You will soon get used to the work. ͕ܿT@헹

543. He suddenly appeared in the party. ͻȻϳF

593. Columbus discovered America in l492. 1492lF

544. Her handbag goes with her clothes. ִ·ܴ

594. God helps those who he1p themselves. ϵێЩԼԼ

545. Here we are. Row M seats l and 3. ŶMl̖3̖

595. He has a nice sum of money put away. һPX

546. His boss might get angry with him. ϰҲSĚ

596. He is heavily insured against death. oԼͶ˾~U

547. I expect to be there this evening. Ҵϵǃȥ

597. He used to learn everything by rote. ^ȥӛӲ

548. I really need to lose some weight. Ҫp

598. Hes a terrible man when hes angry. ĕrܿ

549. I think you have the Wrong number. e̖a

599. I am on my way to the grocery store. ȥs؛·

550. I would rather stay at home alone. ҌԸԴڼ

600.I am sick of always waiting for you.,׌ҵ,ǟ͸






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